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Date Night

Tonight was interesting.

We watched "Date Night" tonight in a pseudo-date-night fashion. Our nights usually consist of dinner after I've came home from work and we kind of do our own thing for the rest of the night. There will be the sporadic kiss/hug and then we go back to doing whatever it was that we were doing.

We decided on pizza and an on-demand movie tonight. Date Night was the movie of choice, and I have to say it was nice. The movie started off about a married couple that were basically stuck in the married couple routine. At first I was somewhat unsure about the movie. I was thinking Oh, great. Let's point out all the boring part of married life.

But it turned out to be a pretty funny movie. Steve Carrel and Tina Fey are a riot. I'll leave it at that for anyone that hasn't seen it.

I was uncomfortable about it at first because it really does point out the fact that marriage requires work to keep things at least somewhat interesting. Otherwise you become really good roommates. This part is particularly scary for me because while me and Janean (my wife) are passionately in love, we live so harmoniously together that it can feel like a really awesome roommate situation.

As corny and trite as it sounds, she really is my best friend. She puts up with me. I've never been happier to share my living space with someone.


How long have you been married? I've only been married 2 months and we fell back into our mundane routine pretty fast. Note to self: schedule a date night!
Actually, we're not too far behind you. We got married this past October..soooo that's 3 months.