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I swear I haven't ditched LJ.

Things just haven't been up to snuff. Kind of "bleh".

So, my last real up date, we were on our way to the Tampa Bay area for Thanksgiving. Had a blast as always. That was also the busiest time of year for my office so things have been nuts at work.

Things are starting to calm down. People who were hired only for that project have since left. Sadly, my wife being one of them. At the moment, the sense of normalcy is on the back-burner until after the holidays. Everyone is taking time off, both at my office and with our client.

I think that it's interesting because this is the one time of the year that delay is both accepted and expected. I'm also waiting on word for the possibility of a short week this week. The governor has given the state workers Friday off. Since my job is in direct correlation with the state workers, I'm hoping for a short week too.

I don't know what I'll do with Friday off, but I'll fucking figure it out.