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First post via the LJ App on my phone! Perhaps this will be easier than the last time.


I'm mostly posting because I just realized that the football season is coming close to being over. 


In my eyes the college football season is over. The Noles might play in a small bowl game, but UT won't really matter.  No ACC championship.  No National Title. Season over. 


NFL still has a few more weeks left before the playoffs.


I'm really fucking excited because my cable box for the TV in my man cave should be in before this weekend,  which means that I'll be able to watch football from my deskchair while playing WoW or screwing around online. 


Speaking of, I've recently found that I really like vlogs. I follow mostly beer and gaming vlogs. 


Did I mention that I went fishing last weekend?  It was a lot fun. I fed a lot of fish but I caught 10-12 , too.

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