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imhandsomerob's Journal

18 July
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My Life
I'm 29 at the time of this writing. Very happily married! I live in Tallahassee, Florida- although I frequent the Tampa Bay area often as my wife is from there. 

I have a full time job with an international company with a name that you've never heard of. I'm a pseudo-HR person in a semi-supervisory position. April 2012 will be 9yrs that I've worked there.

Texting, gaming, reading blogs and watching vlogs, trying micro-brews, fantasy football, D&D, travel, spending time with our kitten Kali,

Music (Metal, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Country, Blues)
Beer (Guinness, Miller Lite, Stouts, Oktoberfests, Witbeir)
Movies (Pulp Fiction, Sling Blade, Bloodsport, Tombstone, 300)
Books (HP Series, The Da Vinci Code/Robert Langdon Series, Kiss a Spider/Alex Cross Series, Wizard's First Rule/Sword of Truth Series)
Games (World of Warcraft- My main is a Protection Paladin -Aberforthe- on the Grizzly Hills Server)
Football (NCAA- Florida State! NFL- Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, and Minnesota Vikings)
American History (Especially American Revolution and Civil War era)
Tattoos (I have two. One on my upper arm that says "Live to Win - Dare to Fail". The other is a red dragon on my left calf. That one hurt sooo bad)
Peircings (Both lobes and my left eyebrow. Not much but I'm damn proud of them. No, the eyebrow didn't hurt. Actually, I didn't feel a thing)

These are very important to me. I believe that if you're not always progressing in your life, your getting further and further behind. "You think everything's been augmented but you've been left so far behind"
1- Straighten some legalities revolving around my drivers license (Long story)
Have some kids in the next year
3- Move from Tallahassee to the Tampa Bay area. It's time to get out of the woods.