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Nov. 15th, 2011

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Something that I absolutely love is being able to buy some of the shit that I've been saying that I'll get for quite some time. Something that I absolutely hate is being completely broke 7 days after I got paid.

But here come the holidays. With holidays comes travel and it's fucking impossible to travel without breaking out the cash. This year we're going to the Tampa Bay area for Thanksgiving with her family. (Side note- I fucking love her family. They are the most wonderful group of people I've ever met)  So I'm going to have to play it cool this time. No bars. No drinking. Watch the Florida State/Florida game at her Mom's house while eating left over green bean casserole.

I feel so bad that I'm even having to tell myself this when we're coming down for a FAMILY holiday, it is just so much fucking fun to find a World-of-Beer and sit back and get shit faced. I suppose it'd be different if we had them up here. When we go down it's a like a once every 4-6 months treat, so I always try and soak up as much fun as possible when we're down.

You know how when you hear someone's voice but can't see their face- you kind of imagine a face for them? Like a radio personality. It's kind of weird when you actually see their face and realize how far off or not so far off you were.

I should go to bed now.
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Nov. 12th, 2011

New Blog, First post!

New Blog, First Post!

With this being the first post, I really wish that I had more post about at the moment- but truth be told, I don't. Which is fine.

It's Friday night and there isn't jack going on, no plans for the weekend either. I'll likely be spent at home 85% of the time. Weekends like this usually consist of at least one trip to Black Dog Cafe for a game of Scrabble.

Black Dog Cafe is a small locally owned tea/coffee shop. It's sectioned just off of a small man-made lake that really makes up the only real park in Tallahassee. Black Dog has the same bohemian feel that most locally owned Tallahassee businesses have. Which is really strange, by the way. Most of the locally owned business have the same MO. Very organic-minded, kind of hippy-ish. The bathrooms are always filled with pseudo-intellectual graffiti.

Regardless, they make good coffee and offer a reasonably quiet environment for Scrabble!

In other news- I'm kind of geeking out with joy because I found a Driod application called Go SMS Pro. It completely replaces the standard SMS application and gives you a completely customizable message hub. I also cleaned house and got rid of several apps that I just wasn't using anymore- it's good to free up that SD Card space.

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