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Work hurts.

Work sucks.

Most days I come home and I just sit here like a zombie for a few minutes like I'm trying to wake up from the temporary stupor that my job put me in. Thankfully, my wife is good to me and gives me time to de-frag from a long, long day.

Speaking of, she is leaving for St. Pete tomorrow, which means that I'll have the house to myself for the weekend. I'm going to miss her, but I'm going to enjoy it at the same time. I'm seriously considering ordering in from my favorite Chinese joint and just having a nice quiet evening at home playing WoW. That sounds like fun, actually.

I was considering having a few beers with my buddies, but why do that when you can have Chinese take out and World of Warcraft? It seems like I read somewhere that you have a problem when put off social gatherings for games. Which is something that I've never done before.

It's possible that the beers wouldn't pan out anyhow, but in all likelihood, it'll depend on how I'm feeling around 3pm tomorrow.
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you have a problem when put off social gatherings for games

Um..just no. As I get older (I am currently 37) I have come to realize that I would MUCH rather stay home with my cats & my family than to deal with other people & their loud, obnoxious asses....or deal with other people's ids for that matter.

It's a matter of preference. Your evening sounds WONDERFUL! Except I would be reading instead of WoWing it up.
And it WAS nice. I had dinner with a friend, I came home, fed the cat and poured myself a beer and just relaxed.

I've got to do this more often.
You make a good point too.

Going out is always a big and sometimes expensive event.
I think you are the male version of me :)
It's entirely possible! ;)