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The House that Jack Built

It's 2012.

At this point we've all had our fill of celebration and post-celebration rest. Back to work. Back to business. Back to taking care of that which needs taken care of.

There are a few changes coming my way, and not because it's a new year. That card has already been played and is now out-of-hand.

I'm easily distracted. Even as I type this, with a specific point in mind, I've went over to Facebook to check my new feed. This is common, regardless of the point or the goal. This type of behavior must end. I need to focus on the goal. I need to make my points with more concision and less ramble. Perhaps even a bit less wordy. (Fuck you, I like being wordy)

Again, this came about not as a New Year's Resolution, but rather a conversation that I was having with my close friend John Wallace. He was telling me the backstory behind the song "Laterallus" by Tool. The song is about controlling our lives. To focus on the important and to reject the trivial. I really love the sound of that.

Additionally. I'm a fat man. I need to loose weight. Seriously. I haven't been able to put very much weight on my knee today. I don't know what I've done but I'm almost certain that it's related to my weight.

My body, my temple. This temple that tilts. Yes, this is the House that Jack built.
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