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Great, great fucking news.

My wife Janean has been working with me at my company as a temp and they offered to hire her full-time, today. This is great because with both of us working this job, we're okay financially.

Hello, new computer. Hello respectable man-cave! You aint your shoes and you aint your fucking khakis, but I like having nice stuff, especially for comfort and entertainment purposes.

I bought a good computer chair and a 20inch TV over the weekend. (The TV is really more for NFL Sundays) Next on my list is a mini-fridge to keep beer stocked. The possibilities are very exciting.

The point to all this is that we're at a very fortunate time in our lives. I'm very thankful for what we have and for the people who have helped us get to where we are, because believe me, we've had help. Loads.

Life is good today.