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Last night-she said

Blog post for the sake of blogging!

I really truly have nothing to write about, but it seems like every time I say that, I end up with a somewhat respectable blog post. We'll see how that goes.

As stated in my profile, I'm a pseudo HR person. Today was our last day for Open Enrollment (for Health insurance and such). It is hands down the busiest time of the year for my office, and I fucking hurt. But, at least I'm done wiping asses for the weekend. There will surely be a few that are all butt hurt Monday morning, but they'll just have to fucking deal with it. Because my give-a-fuck got flushed down the toilet at 5:30pm today.

Craig Ferguson was in town today! I'm so mad that I couldn't see him. Today was Florida State's annual Pow-Wow Homecoming thing. That's one Scot that I'd love to drink a beer with.

I'm really super excited because I really really think that I just might be able to get me a cheap computer chair and smallish TV from Goodwill this weekend. The chair that I have is old a fuck and just about to collapse under my weight. The TV is necessary so that I can watch football in my office while playing WoW and such without disturbing my wife. I'm going to troll craigslist first to see if I can find a steal.

My office really needs an overhaul.


I just think its odd that Craig Ferguson would be at a pow wow. ha.
It's called a Pow-Wow because its the Florida State Seminoles.

It's really more-or-less a homecoming event that they hold ever year. It's held at the civic center and there's always keynote speakers such coaches, quarterbacks, etc. And then there's the comedian- this year being Craig Ferguson.
They've had other comedians in the past. Sarah Silvermen did it one year. Larry the Cable has done the Pow Wow. (Although I really don't care for his humor. He makes us Southern men look like a bunch of morons)
Lol sounds good.